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There is no solution

For years I’ve been screaming this.  The economic charlatans who run the place are crazy and the economy is inevitably headed over a cliff of malinvestment and mass unemployment.  There will only be defense jobs and government jobs and disaster for everyone else other than counterfeiting bankers.  In other words, the world will look like Washington DC, or Canberra.

Now the NYTimes comes up with this observation:

A consensus is emerging that government austerity programs have gone too far.  But more borrowing may simply destroy what little investor trust remains.

In other words:  We can’t continue with austerity, but we can’t keep borrowing either.  So, there is no solution.

Just like what I’ve been saying all these years.

Run as far as you can from Europe.  Where?  South America.  Cambodia.  Loas.  Burma.  Just run. It’s gonna blow!

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